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Thursday 8 PM
Parsha Study: especially for Noahides -- only in our Zoom Shul and 1God7Laws Group).

Sundays 8 PM
AllHeart Crafting Tikun:
This friendly broadcast is for crafters and other creative people.

Get to know our members and friends. All people of good intention, are welcome. ONLY in our Zoom Shul.

Thanks to all of you who responded to our fund raising appeal for help with the application fees needed to incorporate under US law. These funds have now been raised B"H. We are now moving forward with the state and federal filings and will announce our incorporation as it progresses through the process. Incorporation will grant us several important benefits including:

The ability to accept tax deductible donations. In addition to added credibility, this will encourage and empower members and friends of our works to make more significant donations which will be used in myriad ways for the good of the congregation and our ongoing keruv. With more funds we can increase the quality of our internet broadcasts, possibly begin television or radio broadcasts, access larger audiences through more applications, publish and distribute religious materials in print, establish a brick and mortar shul, and with G-d's blessings, a mikveh and retreat center. With more funds we will have the ability to more effectively assist our members and friends in their times of need with home visits and emergency financial help when needed. It will open many additional doors for our keruv (outreach). Incorporation will enable Rabbi Shlomo to visit more of our members in times of need, to offer seminars etc. in various places. The rabbi will be able travel to more of our members to perform various life rituals or to assist members and converts to come to the rabbi or shul for such.
Organized 501(c)(3) congregations are taken more seriously. Incorporation will empower us to share more effectively with other groups and outlets concerning the our positive message Jewish hope. But, we need your help. Please consider walking the derech with us through volunteering prayer time, financial assistance, taking part in the broadcasts and services, advertizing our work and websites, whatever you can help with. YOU are welcome at Beit Emunah! Help make our vision a reality!
Let's face it, we live in a capitalist society. Funds are needed for almost everything. Since 1997 Rabbi Shlomo has provided everything for free to anyone who comes. He will continue to do this! Please, help us help you and others who desire to know HaShem and to develop ever more meaningful emunah by donating in any amount you can.

Do you enjoy our free weekly broadcasts and services? Would you like to help us expand our keruv (outreach)?

We are now founding Beit Emunah (congregation) and could use your help with the needed funds. Once we become a 501(c)(3) we will be opening up our membership roles. While we are loath to ask for financial assistance, having and expanding a shul and keruv, online and off, does come with costs. We have some awesome ideas. Will you help?

For now, Please Paypal Gifts To:
HaRav Shlomo Nachman
http://paypal.me/rabbishlomo *
We will set up a Shul Paypal asap.

* Rabbi Shlomo's English name appears on the Paypal form *

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* Rabbi Shlomo's English name appears on the Paypal form *

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