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Beit Emunah is a traditional, albeit unique, online Jewish shul (synagogue) that welcomes all people of good will. YOU are welcome here!

The Hebrew word בית (beit) means house. The word אמונה (emunah) refers to motivating faith. Our shul (i.e. house of study and worship) is therefore known as Beit Emunah. We are a community, a 'house', that gathers together online to study, to share informative and friendly conversation, and to come before HaShem in worship sparked by our emunah. Because we believe Judaism is (intended to be) One we welcome all Jews regardless of sectarian divisions. While we lean towards the Sephardic side of Jewish tradition, we also embrace much from the Ashkenazi side. We seek enlightenment through Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov and his grandson Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, and yet we are open to all Jewish streams of learning. While receiving insights and inspiration from the mystical Jewish sages we do so with our feet planted firmly on the solid ground of Torah.

The Beit Emunah shul is located in Cyber Space, primarily on Zoom and this website. Most of our broadcasts and services are simulcast on Facebook but we sometimes have problems with those feeds. We strongly recommend joining us in our Zoom Shul. Many people can not attend traditional services due to mobility issues, due to distance and the halachic prohibition against driving on Shabbat. Others can not attend local shuls because they are not welcome for one reason or another. In this day and age there is no reason for such people to be alone on Shabbat and the Jewish holidays, for them not to study with like minded people and have fellowship. All people of good will are welcome to join us in our Cyber Shul. For how this works halachichally see here.

Beit Emunah is unique in many ways. In our uniqueness, we affirm that we are Traditional (hence Orthodox) Sephardic based, Breslov Jewish Hasidim

We are a registered shul in the State of Georgia and a 501(c)(3) organization.

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