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A Dvar Torah for Eikev

Our Dvar Torah: Chodesh Elul: National Teshuvah Month
A Dvar Torah for Re'eh (“SEE”): Deuteronomy 11:26 - 16:17
By Rabbi Shlomo Nachman ben Ya'akov © August 14, 2020

Our Dvar Torah: "Chodesh Elul: National Teshuvah Month"

It's that time of year again: National Teshuvah Month, aka Chodesh Elul. In preparation of this special time of year, Breslov custom is to carefully study Lesson #6 of Rebbe Nachman's Likutey Moharan. I highly recommend it, as this lesson provides the necessary framework to achieve a real and productive teshuvah, repentance.

Our Parsha is entitled Re'eh, "SEE." How appropriate this is! The Psalmist says: "Taste and See that the Lord is good!" During Elul the King invites us to taste the transcendent fruit of teshuvah and see that HaShem is good! See that teshuva opens the gates to all goodness! How much better would we as Jews and the world at large be if we would all heed this counsel! "...blessed are those who take refuge in Him."

The Rebbe's profound lesson number 6 is too long for us to study at present, but I suggest you all to invest the time this week to seriously study the Rebbe's teachings here.

We need to understand that teshuvah or repentance is more than something one “does” upon a misstep! For teshuvah to achieve its desired potential the Rebbe stresses two essential aspects that need to be present.

After all, who can truly claim to have made complete teshuvah? Who among us can say, "There I've done it, now what?"

Rather, one must seek to constantly live in a state or consciousness of teshuvah in all of ones ways, as alluded to at Psalm 139:7-10.

Where shall I go from Your spirit, and where shall I flee from Your Presence?
If I ascend to the heavens, there You are, and if I make my bed in the grave, behold, You are there.
[If] I take up the wings of dawn, [if] I dwell at the end of the west,
There too, Your hand will lead me, and Your right hand will grasp me

This means both when “entering” and when “leaving.” Whether one “ascends to the heavens” above or descends into the Pit below, one who wishes to realize the Presence of HaShem can only succeed with teshuvah born of emunah.

For now let's do an overview of this important lesson number six from Likutei Moharan:

Read sections of Likutey Moharan # 06

Begining to 2A
7last paragraph.

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