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A Dvar Torah for Shoftim

Our Dvar Torah: Mashiach Now!
A Dvar Torah for Shoftim: Deuteronomy 16:18 - 21:9
By Rabbi Shlomo Nachman ben Ya'akov © August 21, 2020

WHY do we do teshuvah? WHY do we devote a full month to it? What is teshuvah? Its repentance.

Consider that Mashiach ben David, Messiah, son of David haMelech will be King. His kingdom wont be a democratic system where corrupt politicians plot and where vested interests come together to drive some human agenda, be that Republicanism or Stalinism etc. No, he will rule as the Monarch of the divinely established and authorized Theocracy! Not like Iran or Saudi Arabia, no, Mashiach's Theocracy will be a true Theocracy, a government led by the Almighty King over all kings, the Holy One, blessed be He! HaMashiach will be so complete in his devekut or attachment to HaShem that, like, Moshe Rabbeinu, he will speak to the Beloved as one person speaks to another. As Moshe spoke with El Shaddai and as Adam Rishon spoke with Elohim. His laws and instructions will therefore all be righteous, unlike anything we have today.

So here's the question: Do you want to live in the Theocracy of HaShem, in a time of universal peace and security? A time when hunger and diseases and plaques will be done away? A time when HaShem's anointed King will reign from Yerushalayim. Is that you want? Or do prefer the world as it is, including the prospects we can clearly see ahead of us?

THIS is why we do are invited to make teshuvah. This is why we repent. Because we want Mashiach now! Certainly we will continue to wait, but acts of teshuvah we declare loudly that we are ready! That we have finally learned through the School of Knocks, that G-d's Ways are better than our ways.

Our coming king needs and deserves loyal citizens with righteous hearts who assist him in his mission to establish global Shalom. How can we help? Who are we that our meager actions can change anything? Who are we? We are the Children of G-d! As we purify our hearts we send out beams of love and healing to the world world. As more and more people bend their knees before HaShem, declaring that His Kingdom alone is our hope and our joy we draw forth the Mercy of the Holy One Who will, when the time is right, send our king. As is said, if one is working in ones garden and hears that HaMashiach has arrived in the town square, one should finish his work, then go see the king. He has his job to do and each of of have ours.

Hear the words of our Rebbe Nachman of Breslov:

(READ Likutey Moharan Book Book I # 6 sections)

What is the central point of Elul?

We Want Mashiach Now!

If we do... we should take this annual opportunity seriously.

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