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A Dvar Torah for the Seventh Day of Pesach,
Living In Vacated Space (Tohu v' Bahu),

A Dvar Torah for Pesach

Living In Vacated Space (Tohu v' Bahu)

By Rabbi Shlomo Nachman ben Ya'akov © May 2, 2020

In this week's Torah Reading for the Seventh Day of Pesach we read of the parting of the Sea of Seeds and the drowning of the Egyptian enemies of our people. As we again read this foundational Jewish account there are so many possible layers of meaning that one could never plummet the depths.

Consider for the Song of the Sea recorded at Exodus 15:1-21. On the primary level these events are clear. We were escaping slavery but our Path to freedom was blocked! We would have died on the banks of the sea had HaShem not intervened. But he did!

You have doubtless heard of Nachshon ben Aminadav's great emunah as he walked out into sea certain of G-d's upcoming deliverance. Such an incredible example for us all!

The fundamental story of the Jewish people is that we were slaves in Egypt and that G-d brought us to the Freedom of Sinai as an act of causeless Love. We celebrate our freedom through Torah in Shavuot, but that freedom did come all at once. Nachshon ben Aminadav realized he would have to personally embrace his freedom, he would have to apply his kavanah, his intention through his emunah (motivating faith). Nachshon resolved that he was going forward to freedom whether anyone else did or not! He just started walking!

Consider that such personal choices arise from HaShem and that without His having created the material manifestation we could never make this choice! We could never have achieved freedom! In Likutey Moharan Book I # 64.1, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov reveals deep insights into how the creation of time and space came to be from the Ultimate Oneness of Ein Soph. He reveals the importance of vacated space, the Unformed (“tohu”) and Void (“bohu”) condition necessary for creation.

Like Nachshon, if WE would be FREE we each must boldly “take the plunge” into the Waters of HaShem!

Slaves are stopped by the taskmasters of so-called material realities, of poverty, of science so-called, by despair, by cancel culture – by so many powerless things – but through the power emunah free people KNOW that HaShem is in control and hence they continue forward! Such people understand that everything they experience comes from HaShem for their ultimate good and that nothing can thwart His Will! So when confronting a vast sea of any kind, if HaShem says we cross it, we will cross it! Like Nachshon! Whether others go with us or not! We will go! Whether others embrace the rising tide of evil or oppose it, those who are wise will not be deterred!

Strength your emunah NOW!

We turn to Likutey Moharan Book I # 64.1. We will be reading from the three volume translation published by The Rabbi Israel Odeser translation available at Breslovbooks.com

Chag Pesach Sameach dear friends.

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