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A Dvar Torah for Beha'alotecha

Attaining Divine Benefaction

By Rabbi Shlomo Nachman,May 28, 2021
A Dvar Torah forBeha'alotecha: Numbers 8:1 - 12:16
Based on Likutey Moharan Book 1 #21.2-3.a

"Divine Benefaction" refers to Divine Gifts and Blessings. How can we receive these? As usual our beloved Rebbe offers us deep insights.

In this week's parsha we learn a lot about the Great Menorah that stood before the Parochet, the Great Curtain before the Holy Place. As with so many things in the Torah, there is a lot more to the Holy Menorah than a large golden oil lamp. The Menorah signifies the state of the person who would approach HaShem seeking His Benefaction. Our Rebbe explains this simile in Likutey Moharan, Book I # 21.2-3.a. As we read:

Read the text.

Get that? The Seven Lights of the Menorah are likened to: the mouth, the two nostrils, the two eyes, and the two ears. Why?

It is through these openings or containers that we offer the Light of our Emunah to HaShem! Hence, the Menorah itself signifies the head. The face, with its seven openings, the seven oil lamps of the menorah, reveals to us, IF we have the eyes to see beyond the veil of materialistic reasoning, the Divine Countenance, and so it is that through these seven we receive Divine Beneficence or blessings and love from the Lover of Souls as we "arise" from our slumber as directed at Tehillim 82. HaShem's glorious Light dwells within our consciousness! If we make this consciousness our abode, we will dwell securely in the Sukkah of His Shalom through themerrit of His Divine Beneficience. May this be so for each of us.

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