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A Dvar Torah for Perashat Bo: Exodus 10:1 - 13:16

Our Dvar Torah: Beware The Two-Faced Deity

A Dvar Torah for Perashat Bo: Exodus 10:1 - 13:16
and Likutey Moharan Book I Lesson #23
By Rabbi Shlomo Nachman ben Ya'akov © January 22, 2021

Our modern world is ruled by a “secular paradigm.”
What is a paradigm? In this context, paradigm refers to the set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes how we define reality, especially our intellectual conceptions.

The western world today has almost completely adopted the paradigm of Scientism as its core indicator of what is truth and what is not. In other words, the central cultural paradigm or world view today is determined by the pronouncements of the white lab-coated priesthood of largely Atheistic scientists.

Scientism and Secularism conjoined is the two-faced deity ruling the world today. The Bible can not be properly nor accurately understood through this cultural lens nor at the alter of this materialistic god. One who wants to realize Truth must reject this false god and establish a Torah paradigm!

As Perashat Bo demonstrates, human knowledge and wisdom does not determine the course of human events. Our paradigms do! The Globalists know this well and therefore they ceaselessly attack Torah and traditional faith in G-d. Regular people have been brainwashed through the intellectually poisoned schools, television, social media, and, sadly, humanistic interpretations of religion, whether Jewish, Christian, or otherwise. The Western World now embraces the two-faced god and his paradigm of neo-Humanism. Many of these humanists are also, literally, worshiping the old gods, but we wont go into that here!

THE foundational story of the Jewish people is the Exodus from Egypt. Our freedom, our very survival as Jews, depends upon our understanding and activating the Exodus example anew in every generation. The Exodus from Egypt is not something that only happened way back when! No, in every generation it repeats, both collectively and individually.

Will I, will we, accept slavery or will I, will we, will you, stand and be counted? Millions of people stood with Moshe on the banks of the Sea of Reeds terrified of the incoming enemies, but one lone man, Nachshon ben Aminadav, stepped out into the swirling waters as an act of emunah. His emunah inspired the others to do the same, and then our people crossed the sea safely, while our enemies were destroyed by the returning waters.
Let us strive to be like Nachshon ben Aminadav!

Our sages tells us that freedom from Egypt was dependent on the humiliation of their deities, their paradigms. Its why on the first Pesach we ate the flesh of their gods and publicly sprinkled their blood on the doorposts of our houses. As a people we proclaimed that ‘your so-called gods are nothing in the sight of the one true G-d, the Holy One of Israel!’ Why do now so often cower ashamed in assiumilateed corners?

This central truth is hinted at in a teaching from the Talmud at Sukkah 29. Study as you may, you will not find any nation ever destroyed whose “spirit forces” were not destroyed along with it. Usually the assault of the gods proceeds the conquest.

Exodus 12:12 says this plainly: “...upon all the gods of Egypt will I wreak [My] judgments.” Our Sages explain in Ketuvot 112 and elsewhere that Egypt was second only to Eretz Y’Israel in terms of spiritual power and that its gods had to be defeated before the Israelites could attain their freedom. But it did not begin this way!

The spiritual authority of Yosef – who ruled Egypt until the Jews came under severe persecution and left during the Exodus – reveals that Yosef controlled or held authority over the gods of Egypt. Their spiritual forces accepted HaShem’s authority. At that time Yosef was the head of Israel and his “spiritual force” was HaShem alone.

Egypt’s “spiritual forces” voluntarily yielded to HaShem’s authority during the reign of Yosef because their king was wise. Like the Egyptians, the Americans were once a good and righteous people but, like Egypt, they became haughty and did great evils in the sight of HaShem. The Americans concluded that the gods of their own making were superior to the Judeo-Christian ethics and morality of their forebears, and so they set about transforming the once great religious nation into something never intended by its founders! Rejecting the warning of Isaiah 5:20 they began to consider good to be evil and evil to be good. They even caused their own children to be murdered by the millions and celebrated such evils as their own liberation! So much evil has been done since 1973! Now they are even defying the natural order of genders, believing that for their abominations they will be successful! Woe unto them!

As He did with the Egyptians, the Holy G-d has justly removed His blessings from the morally diseased nation. The gods and demons now worshiped by the once great nation were unknown to our founders. As John Adams, one of America’s greatest founders warned:

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

And yet we have collectively abandoned the moral and religious principles that once made this the greatest Gentile nation in history. Instead, as Isaiah foretold of this generation:

As for My people, their rulers are mockers and women govern them; O My people! Your leaders lead you astray, and the way of your paths they have destroyed.

The moral and religious ways of HaShem have been abandoned and discarded! Most Americans under thirty have no ideas that such high moral standards ever even ruled here. How shall they ever return to them?

Read Likutey Moharan, book 1, lesson 23. In the three volume set its in volume 1, page

History constantly repeats spiral upon spiral, and will continue to do so until the process of global rectification is completed and the Olam Haba is established. The Egyptians who were wise left Egypt with the Israelites and united with them. Likewise those Americans who are wise will join the current Exodus and refuse to bow before anyone but HaShem. Those who are wise will return to the G-d of our forebears according to their best understandings.

For HaShem’s Glory to be proclaimed through the Exodus of His chosen nation, the Egyptian spirit forces, their gods or deities, faith in their shared paradigm, had to voluntarily submit to HaShem or be destroyed. When they submitted they were blessed, but when they turned against the Chosen of HaShem they utterly perished as warned at Genesis 12:3.

From whence do these overseeing angels and demons arise? They arise and fall according to the merits of the people they govern and the paradigm of those who lead them. When Egypt had a righteous king they submitted to his spiritual authority, to Joseph and hence to HaShem. When they followed an evil king they rejected the spiritual authority of HaShem and they fell hard.

Without being held accountable free will would be meaningless. Free will must by its very nature produce consequences, either positive or negative. Understand well that HaShem grants us all free will. Both individually and collectively we choose to serve and love HaShem and Truth or we choose to turn our backs on Him and embrace the popular idolatrous paradigms, as did the Misrim, the Egyptians. It was their choice, it is our choice, even now.

In the case of Egypt, the final blow to their deities occurred when Yehoshua circumcised Israel during their entry into the land. HaShem says to Yehoshua, i.e. to Joshua, at Yehoshua 5:9; “I have rolled away the humiliation of Egypt from upon you.” According to Numbers 33:4 it was at this point that the Lord completely executed his judgments on all the deities of Egypt. The entry into the land of Promise completed the final stage of freedom for Bene Yisrael.

Likewise, while current events clearly demonstrate the just fall of the United States, its fall began long before January 20, 2021. The country had been moving away from godly principles throughout the 1900s. Then, on January 20, 2021 our “chickens came home to roost” as the saying goes. But America’s complete humiliation and fall, and the final removal G-d’s blessings and protections from her, is yet ahead of us. It may well be too late to restore the US Republic, but it is not too late to restore your soul to righteousness. For most of us there is still time. How? To paraphrase Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, Study Torah, pray, study Torah, pray. And make sincere teshuvah or repentance.

The Egyptians chose. The Americans chose. Each of us must choose to cross the Sea of Reeds or to remain in Egypt. We are running out of time. Choose whom you will serve.

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