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A Dvar Torah for Vayikra

"The Time of Sacrifice is NOW!"

A Dvar Torah for Parsha Vayikra: Leviticus 1:1–5:26
By Rabbi Shlomo Nachman © March 19, 2020

In this week's Parsha we read: “The Cohen shall cause then to go up in smoke on the Altar, a fire-offering to HaShem; it is a guilt offering” – Vayikra,7:5.

But as we read later: “Of what use are your many sacrifices to Me? says the HaShem. I am sated with the burnt-offerings of rams and the fat of fattened cattle; and the blood of bulls and sheep and hegoats I do not want… Learn to do good, seek justice, strengthen the robbed, perform justice for the orphan, plead the case of the widow.” This is from Isaiah 1:11, 17.

Next Shabbat Havdalah Pesach 2021 will begin. Our homes will be cleansed in order to fulfill the mitzvah of biur chametz – “getting rid of chametz.” Most have already begun their Spring cleaning. We will once again observe the sacred rites of Pesach with seders and wonderful foods. Then, as Pesach ends we will once again begin the 49 day omer count as we make our way to Shavuot, once again.

Time passes by us so quickly does it not? But not in HaShem's time, not in Truth. In truth there is only this moment. Nothing else. Some have the eyes to see this, most do not. Each of these blessed moments count and are leading us towards the Olam Haba.

Do not allow the present uncertainties to sadden or overly concern you! Whatever is coming will come! Worry wont change that. Let us live in this moment, at this time, enjoying HaShem's Presence and Love. He will handle the future. Let us today, right now, increase our Emunah or motivating faith! Let us strengthen our Bitachon or motivating trust. Let us develop ever greater kavanah or proper intention so that HaShem will be pleased with our efforts and receive our prayers, offerings and personal sacrifices.

It is clear for all to see that we are now under Divine Judgment. Yes. Our sins have angered the Holy One and He is now beginning to severely punish us. Beginning. Consider these words of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov:

Great atheism is coming to the world as a test from on high. The world's many sins are causing a terrible lack of emunah. Happy is the person who stays firm in his emunah during these times.
The fact that I am predicting this will not prevent the increase of Godlessness and confusion. Long ago Daniel and others made it known that this would happen in the days before the Mashiach. "Many will purify themselves and be refined, and make themselves shining white. But the wicked will do evil. and only the wise shall understand" (Daniel 12:10 ).
Knowing that this has already been foreseen, it would seem that it should not be such a great trial for people to remain strong and firm in their emunah. But the truth is that even though the prophets made this known long ago, it will still be a great trial. Many will fall by the way, and that is why it is written: "the wicked will do evil."
I am revealing this for the sake of the few pure souls who will remain firm in their faith. They will certainly face great battles even in their own minds. But when they see that this has already been predicted, it will give them greater strength and encouragement -- Sichot Haran #35

These days leading up to the War of Magog and the arrival of Mashiach ben Yosef will be very dark indeed! Darker than we can imagine. But they will be followed by our Final Redemption so focus on HaShem and not the coming hardships. Our collective future is glorious and certain!

So what are we waiting for? Do we think G-d will change His Mind? His moral standards? It is still within OUR power to rectify this world through acts of tikkun olam and loving kindness.

HaShem warns us:

“This day, I call upon the heaven and the earth as witnesses [that I have warned] you: I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. You shall choose life, so that you and your offspring will live;
To love the Lord your God, to listen to His voice, and to cleave to Him. For that is your life and the length of your days, to dwell on the land which the Lord swore to your forefathers to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob to give to them" – Deuteronomy 30:19,20

The Time of Sacrifice is NOW!

We turn to Rebbe Nachman's Likutey Moharan, Book 1, Lesson #282 in Saba Odeser's three volume translation, which is available at BreslovBooks.com. In the volume edition we begin on page 507.

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