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Full Shul Membership:

$18.00 a month for individuals, $25,00 a month for families. All members must be halachically Jewish. Includes voting rights and other benefits.
Friends of Beit Emunah:
$10.00 a month for individuals, $15.00 a month for families. Open to ALL who support our work, Jews, Noahides and other non-Jews. Does not include voting rights.
Dues paying "members" and "friends" are eligible to take our year long course "Judaism 101," beginning October 18, 2020 without additional fees (other than costs of books etc).

Those wishing to take this course without shul or friend membership, the fee will be $60.00.

Those seeking conversion through this course must be a registered "Friends of Beit Emunah" and maintain dues throughout the year-long course.

Dues can be paid monthly, annually, or however works best for you. Our membership dues are comparatively VERY low however we will work with those for whom they are prohibitive. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

We should have our 501(c)3 status finalized soon -- we are already a legally recognized shul. Once the 501(c)3 process is completed we will be able to offer tax exemptions etc. Until then donations can be made to my Paypal: https://paypal.me/rabbishlomo.

For More Information or to Join Beit Emunah Please Contact:
Our membership chair person Gavi (Cat) Brown.
Or Rabbi Shlomo Nachman or email Rabbi@BeitEmunah.org.
Until our 501(c)3 is complete, please Paypal:
Rabbi Shlomo Nachman
https://paypal.me/rabbishlomo *
All funds will be added to our Shul Paypal and bank when they are set up.

* Rabbi Shlomo's English name appears on the Paypal form *

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* Rabbi Shlomo's English name appears on the Paypal form *

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